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Welcome to the Upper Valley Turning Point   

The Upper Valley Turning Point is a community center for people in recovery from addiction and addictive behavior. Located off Route 5 at the Wilder/Norwich border in eastern-central Vermont, the Turning Point provides a safe, substance-free environment populated by people in recovery who offer peer support seven days a week at no cost to the consumer.


  • a staffed drop-in center
  • a meeting location for a variety of recovery groups
  • a place for substance-free recreation and fellowship
  • an information and referral resource
  • a resource for education and community support

"What we have at the Turning Point, where people are sober, they are our peers. They're people who can identify with us." -Linda


The Upper Valley Turning Point facilities include:

  • large and small meeting rooms
  • lounge area
  • library with recovery and general-interest reading and audio visual materials
  • public access computers
  • wi-fi
  • television
  • pool table
  • a full kitchen

Recovery groups holding meetings at the Turning Point include:

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)

Al Anon Family Groups (Alanon)

All Recovery Group

Overeaters Anonymous (OA)

Refuge Recovery



Wit's End

Occasional special interest groups that enhance recovery (ie: yoga, writing, meditation) please call for info.

Wit's End is for family members challenged by the substance abuse, addiction or addictive behavior of an adolescent or young adult.

All Recovery

All Recovery is a program offered at the Upper Valley Turning Point for all who struggle with addiction, are affected by addiction, or support  a recovery lifestyle. All Recovery is not a 12-step program. 

The opioid crisis has brought changes to the recovery community in recent years. More young people show up at the Turning Point, and All Recovery is designed for them as well as others who may not find more focused or more structured groups appealing.

The Upper Valley Turning Point is inclusive.

We recognize that there are many paths to recovery, and we welcome inquiries from recovery groups of all types.

The Upper Valley Turning Point served as the model for the Vermont Recovery Centers Network, which was established in 2002.  There are now 12 Recovery Centers operating throughout the State. After consultation with Vermont, New York State opened its own Recovery Centers Network in 2007.

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